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  Whether your new to the hobby or an experienced veteran, you might consider joining a number of aviculturalists in sharing the responsibility of caring for one of the many heritage breeds.  You don't need to maintain a breeding population, but by adding a couple to your flock you'll be helping support the efforts of those who do.  Every egg

                                                                                hatched strengthens their diminishing numbers

                                                                                and if you recognize that our debt to these

                                                                                wonderful creatures is high, it's a simple and

                                                                                easy way to give back to what we can never


                                                                                 We maintain several heritage flocks and plan on

                                                                                 adding more in the future.


  Whatever your reasoning for keeping chickens, if this sounds like something you can support, you can inquire with us or you can read more about the importance of maintaining these priceless resources at www.livestockconservancy.org

  Thank you for visiting our site!  Please take some time and have a look around, we're hopeful you'll find something that catches your eye.  


  Edible eggs are also available from several

locations around the area as well as direct

from the farm.  Our flocks of hybrid layers

are the only birds not restricted by fencing

and have full range of the mountain.  They are

either fed with an organic mixture or a GMO 

free feed that we ferment through the majority

of the year.  They are truly amazing!



                           Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. 

                         We are here for and because of you and we are truly thankful! 




  On a more cheerful note, we're happy to share that change on some level has already started to happen, and it will only improve!  

Read the article : www.farmforward.com

   Until technology finds the missing link that could end the inhumanity that's occurring at these large hatcheries, our purchasing decisions will remain our voice.         

  Although we breed towards the APA standard for each breed, our main focus is on creating resilient birds with superior traits.  We provide plenty of space which is key to our breeding programa good guard dog is a close second! 

 We're very proud of our flocks and how well they've come along, but the search for perfection seems to be akin to an egg hunt, so onward we go!  

  A growing number of people are becoming aware of some disturbing data surrounding commercial agriculture and we wish to support those who are choosing a more sustainable approach.  

  We are a proud "no kill" hatchery and hope to promote awareness about this issue which could one day render it a non issue.  If you happen to be unaware of this term, you can click the red button to learn moreits not pretty



We are finally making our dreams come true by establishing this small farm and feeding our family good food! We would love to feed yours too!

Traditional farming, before corporate interest replaced human interest: Non-GMO, chemical free, humane, sustainable. Real family values. 

available breeds

Our philosophy

One family joining the food revolution

   Welcome to our site and the wonderful world of chickens!  The addiction is quickly spreading across the nation and we're more than happy to do our part in feeding the fire!  

   We offer a variety of breeds for sale from day olds to adults and hatching eggs are also available for all the hatchaholics out there.  



   Our flocks originated from a multitude of dedicated poultry enthusiasts from around the nation that work endlessly to master the timeless craft of poultry breeding.  There is still much to be explored and we feel fortunate to continue their efforts and offer some of the finest quality available.  Diversity has not been overlooked and our gene pool runneth over so to speak.  







Keeping chickens isn't supposed to be difficult but new keepers will understandably have questions about some of their basic needs.  There's an abundance of information available on the web about every aspect of poultry, some better than others.  We've acquired a bit of knowledge over the years, so if you need yet another opinion, we're more than willing to share.  

 Take a look at our About us page for some insight into our practices.  Pictures speak volumes so there's really a lot being said there, without all the silly words...hahahaha











We love our chickens! We keep a variety of breeds and love to talk about each of them. Check out our chicken page for what we currently have available.

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