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Lavender juvenile

 We currently keep a flock that produces the blue, black, & splash variety as well as a flock of the lavender variety.  When ordering chicks from the b/b/s pen, you could receive a combination of the 3 varieties.  We can attempt to accommodate request for a certain color but its not always a possibility.  

Black juvenile

Splash juvenile

Blue juvenile

  A fondness is growing for the colored egg layers and this breed has been great in most every way one could expect.  More attentive than many breeds, which makes them a fantastic forager, they love to be out and about so its a win win!  We also find they are very easy on the feed bill when allowed to range all day.  They've gained quite a following due to the abundance of beautiful sky blue eggs they lay and that's something we can relate to!

However, they've taught us that they're quite broody natured and it can be a challenge to get them back into their laying habits.    




  There still seems to be some confusion among people concerning this breed and the other colored egg layers available.  We do not breed or keep what is commonly referred to as the "Easter egger" variety of fowl, which can lay eggs of most any color.  The Ameraucanas we raise will only lay blue eggs, inside and out.  However, if your interested in other colored egg layers we do breed "olive eggers" which will lay eggs of various shades of green.  



                     $7 B/B/S  (blue/black/splash)
                    $10 lavender
                 Hatching Eggs - per doz
                     $35 B/B/S

                     $50 lavender