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                 Black juvenile                                      Blue juvenile                                      Splash juvenile

Blue Laced Red 


             Hatching Eggs
               $45 per doz

   Wyandotte's are a fantastic American breed that come in many color variety's.  We currently only sell the very beautiful Blue Laced Red variety but we have plans to add another if we could only decide.  They are a very hardy breed that have proven their ability to thrive in our beautiful Ozark Mountain region.  Their rose combs do well to ward off frostbite plus they tolerate the chilly winter and continue to lay in spite of it.  They also don't seem to be bothered by confinement which could be a bonus for the city dwellers.  They're good layers of large or a slightly smaller sized eggs and their weight makes them very suitable for table fowl as well.

 Please note that our Wyandottes's are all kept

together and due to them carrying the blue

gene, the offspring can be either blue, black, or

splash colored.  They are all beautiful so at this

time we are not set up to offer only the blue

version.  You can see the 3 possible colors within

this variety below.