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Interesting info - Splash can never parent black and black can never parent splash.  Therefore, a splash X black mating will yield all blue chicks!! 


  The beautiful Copper Marans', queen of all the chocolate egg layers!  We have several flocks of the Marans, all bred towards the French standard.  We raise both the blue and black copper variety as well as the splash.  Regardless of color they are all a wonderful and beautiful fowl.  

  When purchasing hatching eggs you have the option to choose between receiving all 3 color varieties, blue, black, and splash (B/B/S), or just blue & splash.  We're always looking to improve them and its possible that we may have other choices available at any given time.  Just send us a message if you have a special request and we'll try to help you out.

  Marans are a hardy bird that tolerate the weather

of the Ozarks without much issue.  If your coop isn't

well ventilated, the roos comb could suffer frostbite,

but that's true of any breed with a large single comb. 

Their boldness allows them to roam quite far which

makes for a great forager and they can be some of the

friendliest birds you'll ever own.  Oddly, as chicks they 

can be one of the most skittish birds in the brooder 

but a mysterious calmness occurs as they mature.   A common misconception that I hear often about the malesisthat they are believed to be hostile or mean.  That has not been our experience from the many birds we've handled so please give them a chance if you too have fallen victim to what I consider a myth.   



​       Marans

             $8 B/B/S  (blue,black,splash)
             $10 blue only

      Hatching Eggs - per dozen               
              $40 B/B/S
              $50 blue/splash only

The Marans could be considered the breed that got this whole chicken addiction started for us and it's been a bitter sweet relationship ever since.  We have some very beautiful specimens that are now laying some of the darkest eggs we've seen thus far, even into their 5th month from the onset of laying.  We invested a lot of time acquiring quality stock from many sources so we could have firsthand knowledge of each flocks pros/cons.  Suffice to say they are the most genetically diverse birds on the farm.  If you have an interest in adding new genetics to your flock and would like more info on their lineage, please send us an email and we'll try to help you out.