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 Splits are available for anyone in need.  For those unfamiliar with the term "splits", it basically refers to a bird who's hiding its genes... a liar if you will :)  For example, the majority of our splits will look like a basic black orp.  If a bird is said to be a black split to lavender, it will produce both black & lavender chicks if mated to a lavender.  Splits are beneficial in many ways.    

  With exception to the lavenders, all our "English orps" were derived from imported stock and are bred to British standards.  Our lavenders will have a percentage of American lineage as we've been breeding them for many years with the goal of a better laying lavender of English type.  It's been a long event but the end is in sight!! 

                      Chicks are $15
                    Chocolate Cuckoo

             Hatching Eggs - per dozen

                 -currently unavailable-

  Orpington's are the teddy bears of our chickendom and their distinguishing beauty is unmatched.  Gentle, LARGE, fluffy, and one of the calmest birds on the farm.  They would seem to be an ideal bird for an urban setting given they really just don't like leaving the ground much and honestly, I don't feel they truly appreciate all the space that a farm provides them!!  

  Many request come from those who adore

the look and/or size of Orpington's from

English origin so we've began working with

several additional varieties.   We'll be adding

even more colors that will be available in the

very near future! 

   For diversity, several lines were obtained of each variety.  It's always interesting to see the variances between one breeders efforts and another and much time has gone towards locating some of the best specimens available.  It's thrilling how things have progressed and we're happy to offer chicken lovers something new!


                                  Consider yourself warned...they're addicting!!





  Black orps are one of the heaviest varieties we keep and yet the calmest bird on the farm.  They have a beautiful green sheen that really makes them shine! 

  We currently keep 2 pure lines of the blacks which could help add diversity and vitality to a flock that may be in need.  






  ~ English Orpington's ~



Perhaps only a geneticist can appreciate how truly spectacular they are, but we can all appreciate how stunning they appear!