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 Fertile hatching EGGS

 $25 - Olive Egger
 $30 - Welsummer
 $45 - Blue laced red Wyandotte

 $35 - Ameraucana - B/B/S

 $50 - Ameraucana - lavender
 $40 - Copper Marans - B/B/S

 $60 - Copper Marans - blue only
 $45 - Cream Legbar

​ -- Prices are for a dozen eggs and usually extras, which is dependent on the season.  Smaller or larger quantities are available and your welcome to pick and choose eggs from a variety of breeds   --

Because we hatch and sell chicks throughout the majority of the year, hatching eggs are not always available.  Pre-ordering is always best if you have a hatching schedule of your own.

       Please contact us with any questions or comments

      you may have about our shipping procedures.​​


  Hatching eggs are shipped Mon-Wed and Saturdays only, via USPS Priority mail.  Shipping cost is $16 dollars for up to 16 eggs.  Eggs will be packed in a professional manner with the fragile nature and contents of the box being clearly depicted, unless you request otherwise.  If you prefer to pick up your package from the post office we will need your phone number so the post office can notify you when they're ready for pick up.  We highly recommend eggs be picked up versus the extra jostling around they will no doubt receive from riding around on your mail carriers route.

  72 hour heat packs are available on request.

  IMPORTANT!!! -  Be aware that buying shipped eggs is a risk.  We've shipped many eggs and although our success rate for delivering intact eggs is phenomenal, the risk is always there.  Even when eggs show no external signs of damage, the live embryo inside may have been damaged to some extent, lessening its hatch ability.

 For the  many existing factors that are out of our control, hatching eggs do not come with any guarantees.  We attempt to ship you clean (somewhat), fresh, fertile eggs…that's all we can do on our end.  The postal service and the person running the incubator, or perhaps a broody hen still have to do their part.  We want you to have a great experience with a successful hatch and we're willing to work with you to make this happen.   

  If you find that your eggs did not fare well during their journey, please contact ASAP so that we can work together to quickly resolve the issue.  Eggs are insured through the post office but there are procedures that must be followed in order to qualify.  The most important thing is to take pictures of the damage.  Take a few pictures of all sides of the package, including the shipping label.  If you pick up your package at the PO and you notice ANY damage to the outer box, you should open it right there in the PO.  If damage has occurred, show a postal worker.  You can file an insurance claim while your there or it can be done online.  DO NOT throw away the packaging until all steps of the insurance claim have been met.  We are available to assist you or even file your claim for you if you'd prefer. Even when the PO agrees to be at fault, they do not refund for shipping cost, only the value of the item shipped…oddly.