One family joining the food revolution

  The perfect chicken is no doubt ones perception, and to us the Legbars are nearing the top of the list.  There are 3 color variations of Legbars and we're currently only lucky enough to keep the cream variety, which is a crested bird.  They're another product from the British and still somewhat rare in the States, especially a perfected flock.

  One of their best traits is that they are an auto

sexing breeds, meaning their genders can be

determined on hatching day!  


  Legbars lay a gorgeous L/XL blue egg and they 

lay them in abundance, thanks to their Leghorn 

background.  They can be a bit skittish but usually tame down with time.  Feed wise, they are the most economical bird we raise.  They must be finding most of their own food because a bird that can turn out so many eggs has to be eating something, yet the feeder remains full…awesome!!   


  Since the Legbars are still considered rare and the gene pool in the US is still somewhat slim, we acquired 3 separate lines of the cream variety to start our foundation.  The offspring from two particular pairings had very satisfactory results and gave us a great flock to work with! 



                        $10   -  (females  $13)

           Hatching Eggs - per doz