One family joining the food revolution

  We have our own hybrid olive eggers that are cause for a lot of excitement around here.  We use several breeds in our "OE" flocks but regardless of the breeds used, the chicks that hatch from their eggs will lay a variety of different shades of olive/green eggs.  Some of the crosses can be difficult to distinguish from their parental lines.  You can see in some of the pics what looks to be pure Ameraucana's but check out those legs!  

 Since they do not breed true, each bird can be quite unique in appearance and the egg colors keep evolving as well.  Every year brings something different and for the 2015 season we will have many blue, olive egger chicks available.  We can't wait to see what color/pattern they will lay but we expect speckled, deep green eggs!  

We are not keeping a pen just for olive eggers this year but instead we are keeping a hen or two in several of our pure breed pens.  I mention this because we get several inquiry's about their parentage and this year we may not be certain as they could be from any number of breeds.  Last years OE project was a great success and everyone loved the color variations! 

 Because they are hybrids, the chicks will be very vigorous birds!  They will grow faster and be healthier and stronger than either of their parental genetics from which they came.  Hybrid vigor is an awesome phenomenon.  If you've only raised pure lines of poultry, you would do yourself well to see it for yourself.  Bigger, better, faster!  Plus it's the only way to get a truly spectacular egg basket!   The egg chart in the pics is only a small sample of the colors that are possible from these ladies.  

They are truly beautiful eggs and the birds they come from are no less stunning!!


            Hatching Eggs
​                $25 dzn