​​​​​​  Placing an order with us is an simple process.  Either call or email us with your request and we will confirm your total cost as well as an estimated hatch date.  Please understand that this is only an estimate and not a guarantee.  We will contact you via phone and email the week before your chicks are due to hatch, which will allow you to make any last minute preparations for their arrival.  Telephones are the best method of communication when dealing with live animals and it is your responsibility to keep us notified of any changes to your contact information.

 We ask for a non refundable deposit of at least 25% of your total order to secure your hatch date and we will confirm with you once payment is received.   Orders are filled in the order payments are received.  If you have a date preference as to when you'd prefer to receive shipment, please discuss this with us to confirm availability.   

 Any remaining balance will be due before delivery or shipment occurs.  We prefer Paypal but we also accept payments by credit/debit cards, money order, or even cash. 

 Paypal payments should be sent to lovinlife@muddyfeathersfarm.com


 Because we cannot predict possible future complications or control our chickens laying habits, if we are unable to meet your order we will contact you with other options.  We do everything possible to satisfy each customer but if by chance we are unable, we will gladly offer a full refund.  


 We are working on the addition of a shopping cart to the site but for now please disregard the usage of any payment links.  We will update our ordering procedures when this process is completed.  We welcome everyones input about our ordering procedures and any improvements that we can make. 


  We hatch weekly throughout most of the year and hatch days are scheduled for Sundays except where holidays are observed.  As hatching season progresses, our waiting list for certain breeds will grow so pre ordering is most beneficial when ordering early in the year for those breeds.  With the exception of "spring madness", its not uncommon for us to have most choices currently available or within the following week or two.  


  We almost always have something for sale throughout the year and at various ages.  This may be of interest to you for a variety of reasons.  For instance, if your hoping to acquire birds from different sources, the integration procedure tends to go much smoother and is less stressful to the birds when they are of the same age or size. 


                                    LIMITING STRESS IS THE #1 GOAL WHEN IT COMES TO KEEPING CHICKENS! 


 Anyone needing a way to transport your birds, we gotcha covered!  We make a variety of cages for this purpose and we sell them cheaper than anything else you could come up (besides a cardboard box).   Just an option for all our urbanite friends that "borrow" our cages with a promise to return them!  Seriously though, we make these for your convenience but they benefit us both.  

  We sell them with our without birds but they are cheaper with birds in them.  Sizes vary but the most common one we make is 3'x18"x18" (LxWxH) and they are only $20 with a purchase, $25 without.   

  We can also custom make most any size you need and for various critter applications.  

25ct chick boxes

   6"x 10"x 12"

Economy Nest 


One family joining the food revolution

  We keep a variety of shipping boxes in stock for shipping poultry.  It can be next to impossible to locate and buy just one box and even if you were successful the shipping charges alone would be more than the box itself.  We use Horizon shipping boxes to ship anything other than day old chicks.

 For local customers looking to save some money on your order, we recommend ordering chicks as straight run (unsexed) and rehoming any unwanted cockerels.  We have several options available for those who need an outlet for excess males, please discuss this with us if interested. 

     Single stall

20"x8"x16 height

 For mail order chicks, please read our Shipping Info page for more detailed information.

  We ask for a deposit to not only secure your order, but also as an attempt to curb the majority of "tire kickers".  It's not fair to us or other potential customers when an order is made and we never hear from a supposed buyer again.  This causes multiple issues with the biggest being time wasted, which we lack and value greatly.  Thank you for understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Price list for CHICKS

$5 - Olive Egger

$5 - Delaware

$6 - Welsummer

$10 -Barnevelder - B/B/S

$7 - Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

$4 - Plymouth Barred Rock

$4 - Buff Orpington

$10- Rhodebar

$7 - Ameraucana - B/B/S

$10- Ameraucana - lavender

$8 - Copper Marans - B/B/S

$15-English Orpington - all varieties

$6 -  Legbar - non crested

$10- Cream Legbar - crested