Our location is near middle America and the vast majority of shipments are delivered within 48 hours, whether using Express or Priority shipping.  The cost for all Express shipping is $47 for up to 25 chicks and the cost for Priority is usually less than half of that, sometimes much less.  We will verify that your zip code qualifies for Priority during the ordering process but chances are good, even to parts of Alaska.  

  Except during times of inclement weather (flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc), most shipments will be sent via Priority unless otherwise requested.  Please know that it will be at our discretion as to whether priority is an option for your region.


It may be useful to know that the USPS does not guarantee 24 or even 48 hour delivery of live animals when using Priority or even Express shipping.  Their guarantee is that you will receive your shipment within 72 hours.  Therefore the "money back guarantee" they offer with Express does NOT apply, even when they "guarantee" 1 day shippingwhich very RARELY happens.      

"Overnight Express" is another option available from the USPS and we will happily provide you a quote for this option upon request.

    For questions or concerns about our shipping procedures, PLEASE Contact Us.


IMPORTANT!!! -  A USPS embargo "supposedly" exist on shipping live animals to certain zip codes, however we've not been able to discern the facts of the matter. 

Check with your local post master to be certain if your zip code begins with the following; 044, 046, 047, 148, 149, 307, 356-58, 373, 374, 466, 496, 544, 548, 564, 590-593, 596-599, 620, 622-624, 628-634, 636-639, 648, 650-658, 716-722, 725-729, 740, 741, 743-749, 821

  If your zip code happens to be one of the affected ones, we can either ship to an alternate zip code or you agree to accept the potential risks involved.  If your unsure, please contact your local postmaster with any concerns.  

  I should mention that our farm has a zip code of 727 and we have received MANY chicks over the years without issues.   

TIP!!! -  All mail goes through a USPS distribution center to be sorted before being delivered to all post offices in the area.  If your regional distribution center is within a reasonable distance and your able to make the trip, its possible to get your chicks a day earlier than you normally would have.  It can be a challenge to get in touch with the distribution center due to a USPS policy, but it can be done if your persistent.  They are known to some as "sorting facilities".

  Shipping is available via USPS Express or Priority shipping.  We ship Mon-Wed for all live poultry and Saturday is also available for shipments of hatching eggs.  

By requesting chicks through the mail you are agreeing to be available to pick up your chicks at the post office where your signature will be requested.  

Please read all information below so that you better understand the shipping process.

         Shipping Information

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  Chicks are sold unsexed (straight run) and will be 1-2 days old at the time of shipping.  Because we're unable to sex our chicks, when ordering any of the auto sexing breeds you should expect to receive 50/50 of each gender, unless females have been requested/ordered.  

  The minimum order for safe shipping is 10, but we can be alter this depending on the circumstances, (weather, location, age of birds...etc).   10 is a safe number at most anytime of year but we've shipped as few as 6 during summer temps.  At times we may include extras to cover any losses that could occur or if we feel it will help the chicks through possible areas in transit where freezing temps may be an issue.  Heat packs may also added at no extra charge.

  When placing a pre-order for shipped chicks, you will receive an estimated shipping date.  We will notify you the week before your chicks are scheduled to hatch as well as attempt to contact you the day before or the day of shipping to confirm that your chicks have shipped.  This is beneficial to us both but it mostly allows you to make any last minute arrangements for the little ones.  

 Telephones are the best method of communication when dealing with live animals and it is your responsibility to keep us notified of any changes to your telephone number. The fate of your chicks depend on it and if we cannot reach you, neither can the post office.


GUARANTEE:  Once your chicks have been delivered to your post office, we guarantee their livability for 48hrs.  You must pick up at the post office and we advise that you do so soon after being notified of their arrival.  We can not be held accountable for losses that likely occurred due to neglect.  We define neglect as not picking up your chicks within 4hrs of being notified of their arrival.  Again, it is very important to keep us updated of your telephone number so that your post office can contact you.  Chicks are delicate and shipping can be rough on them, please make plans to be available on their arrival date(s) or the consequences could be devastating for the chicks.  We do everything we can on our end to help you receive healthy chicks so please don't let our efforts go to waste. 

  Sadly, losses during shipment can occur.  If your losses exceed the amount of extras included, you must notify us within 48 hours of receipt.  Please email us pictures of any birds that were DOA and depending on the circumstances we will either offer a refund or replace any deceased birds, we reserve the right to choose.  Shipping however is non refundable and new shipping charges may apply to any replacement request.  

  We cannot nor should we be held responsible for losses occurring due to delays in shipping or if your chicks are lost in the mail.

If an unfortunate event happens to occur or if you have any problems upon taking receipt of your birds, please contact us immediately so that we can help find a resolution.  We're only human and obviously capable of making mistakes.