One family joining the food revolution

The standard Welsummer is a favorite breed at the farm and a real treat to watch forage around.  Our's are very alert yet calm and so friendly.  Their golden duckwing feathering pattern and just overall coloring coordination is somehow

hypnotic!  The ladies are excellent layers of beautiful dark

brown, large speckled eggs that are so loved by the

"eggoisseur" crowd.  They're yet another excellent example

from the Netherlands.  

   Though not a true "auto sexing" breed, the chipmunk

patterned chicks tend to have some details that may allow

them to be sexed after hatching.  The little ladies have a more definitive "V" pattern atop their heads, and the line beginning from behind their eyes may also appear much more defined, similar to eyelinerwe've yet to figure out who is putting this eyeliner on them :)   The males have very similar markings, just not quite as pronounced.  It's not a foolproof method and the results can vary depending on where  one purchases their stock.  

 To summarize, the wonderful Wellie is a chickens chicken!  


            Hatching Eggs 
                 $30 dzn